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High-Quality Custom Furniture in Washington, DC

At Sixth Avenue Custom we’re proud of our sterling reputation for building stunning custom furniture for Washington, DC residents looking to spruce up their kitchens, dining rooms, dens, and family rooms. We not only serve residential clients, but we also design and build beautiful custom restaurant furniture. We wouldn’t be able to do it without our custom millwork and experienced casework. That’s why so many clients return to us for commercial and residential custom furniture. And while we’re immensely proud of our reputation, we never stop searching for ways to improve, learning new technologies and techniques and augmenting our time-tested philosophy with new ideas.

custom bench in office building

Our Craftsmen Design an Eclectic Range of Custom Furniture

We pride ourselves on our ability to craft unique pieces that serve as the focal point of your residential or commercial property for years to come. Are you a homeowner looking for a way to reconceptualize your living space or a restauranteur wanting to renovate and forge a new brand identity? Sixth Avenue Custom is built from over 130 years of custom craftsmanship and the Beachley family tradition of experience, knowledge, and artistic skills to make it happen.

We Offer a Broad Range of Design Styles in Areas as Varied as:

Dining room tables in a dazzling array of wood finishes and styles
Sturdy, timeless chairs for the whole building
Unique, custom-built restaurant booths and tables
Comfortable chairs for lounging in front of the TV

Contact Us Today for Custom Woodworking

From beautiful bathroom cabinets to premium-grade trim and moldings, Sixth Avenue Custom provides custom woodworking to Washington, DC Metro residential and commercial clients. Our reach extends far beyond gorgeous custom furniture. We’re comfortable creating anything out of wood or steel. Our team has years of experience and a rich history of furniture craftsmanship and tradition that has stayed true to its founding principles and values.  For quality first, contact our master artisans today.

Call Sixth Avenue Custom for Custom Millwork