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Creating Custom Millwork in the Washington, DC Metro-Area

You can find millwork everywhere in your residential or commercial property. Millwork is the grand entry door to your home and the stairs leading to your second story and to the basement. Millwork can be found in the trim that meets the floor and the wall in your hallways and in every small corner of your house or commercial property. Why would you settle for subpar work when it is so critical to your property? Sixth Avenue Custom offers custom millwork to Washington DC Metro-area residential and commercial property owners. We’re capable of converting your vision to grand entryways, regal stairways, stately trim, and eye-catching moldings that transform your property into something new. We can custom-design cabinets in any space in your home, creating built-ins, entertainment centers, bookshelves, office desks, libraries, closets, and outdoor living spaces.

millwork trim done

Custom Millwork is Perfect for Expressing Yourself

Millwork forms the basis for all other wood-based aspects found on your property and offers you an opportunity to:

Express your individuality

Whether you’re a homeowner or a restauranteur, a cookie-cutter design isn’t good. Custom millwork allows you to add accents like crown molding or arched beams made of rich, beautiful mahogany.

Incorporate high-quality woodworking into your home

Pre-fabricated woodworking – like trims or crowns – often lack quality. You can be sure the artisans at Sixth Avenue Custom will design creations that will last a lifetime. We use high-quality wood that won’t fade, crack, or wilt over time.

Enhance resale value or profits

If you own a home, you should always be looking for ways to increase its resale value. Business owners can create a more inviting space, leading to an increase in foot traffic and revenue. Both are excellent reasons to purchase custom millwork.

Work one-on-one with experienced millworkers

The best part about using Sixth Avenue Custom for all your custom millwork needs is our commitment to collaboration. How we proceed depends entirely on your tastes. Whether you have a fully formed, bold vision in mind or just the beginnings of one, we’ll execute it to perfection.

Make tasteful additions to your home

Sometimes small additions are all you need. If you’ve recently renovated your bathroom, but you’re dissatisfied with the trim, we can custom make new trim that finishes the job.

Call Today for Quality Custom Millwork

Our custom millwork has delighted Washington, DC Metro-area customers for many years.. We operate under the philosophy that the most important thing is quality. We’ll stick to that no matter what. To learn more, call us today.

Call Sixth Avenue Custom for Custom Millwork